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Creating a spark. Inspiring people. Translating an infectious vision of the future into practice. That’s my hallmark. Pick out your favorite topic. - Remote but not distant. - The workplace is broken. How to fix it? - Connect|Share|Lead: the magic of knowledge sharing. - Forget about hybrid. It’s about sustainability. - How to get more out of your day in 24 hours? I promise you a captivating storyline, a perfect mix of seriousness and fun, ideas that come from my daily experience as a consultant and insights into recent research.

The workplace is broken. Here is how to fix it. Towards solid team agreements. 

Team agreements are key to more productivity, efficiency and happiness at work. But they often are not made because discussions on hybrid work tend to focus too much on where work gets done. Moreover, these discussions have brought about a negative discourse on whether or not it entails a loss productivity. It becomes more interesting when teams go together in search for answers to the following three questions 1. with which tasks do we create added value 2. how do we want to work together 3. how can we keep on learning from each other? Output: team agreements that are assessed every six weeks. Experimenting and reflecting together upon what works, working and learning together, has a binding effect. Wherever this takes place. Topics: value creation and happiness at work, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, focus time, knowledge sharing as binding factor, less meetings, better facilitation skills. Format: 12 weeks learning journey with a strong combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning moments. Three online, 1,5h digital sessions; exercises to be completed in pairs or with the team; videos and weekly tips after the digital sessions.


How to stay focussed in a world full of distractions?

I point out which are the devastating effects of constant interruptions. I explain how we can free ourselves from our addiction to notifications, dopamine shots and fast communication. Output: people understand the terrible impact of distractions on their well-being and productivity. They see how their focus is stolen from them everywhere. They are given the tools and the eagerness to make short work of it. Format: 45’ lecture.

Returning to the office? Current, preferred and future state of remote work. Lecture for the executive committee

Gallup’s recent research leaves no room for doubt: the workplace is broken. In Europe, a mere 14% of employees are engaged. This is a disconcerting fact: it has a negative impact on performance and organizational resilience. The loss of connection has many causes. One of the them is the lack of alignment among the executive committee. Employees feel that board members don’t all share the same vision on the possibilities of remote working. Some start from trust. Others plea for more days of presence in the office. Built upon my own expertise and referencing recent research (Stanford University, London Business School, Antwerp Management School, Gartner, Gallup), I give the executive committee insights into trends related to remote work. I relate the evolution toward flexibility to the quest for sustainable employability. I can also work together with them to find answers to the question, “is remote work still a conscious choice for us? Why do we make the choices we make and through which behaviour does management express this?” Output: a vision of the future of work in the organisation. This vision has a binding effect. Topics: research from Stanford University, London Business School, Antwerp Management School, Gartner, Gallup. Format: a 1 hour lecture or a 2 hour workshop.

Masterclass Storytelling  

Every moment you are given to speak is an opportunity to show your professionalism and expertise. This also means that dull, unprepared and sloppy presentations will leave a long, negative impression. I teach you how to seduce your audience with great storytelling techniques. You will know how to present in a clear and straightforward way. With or without a slide deck. Format: individual coaching or two 1,5-hour workshops.

Meeting Madness

The hours we lose in meetings is hallucinating. It devours our productivity and our happiness at work. We need to get to the root of the problem. In this session we plunge into the deeper root causes of meetings: lack of accountability, unclear work processes, badly documented knowledge, poor organisational design, lack of awareness of value creation. Hereafter participants learn a series of facilitation skills. We also repeat the basic rules of meeting hygiene. Output: managers realise what the deeper causes are for meeting madness. They are motivated to get to the root of the problem. They become better facilitators and are determined to apply the basic rules of meeting hygiene. Format: lecture of 45’ with the possibility to be followed up by two workshops of 1,5h.  

Tools in your quest for meaningful work

At a certain point it starts to itch. You’re no longer proud of what you do. You wonder whether you are still in the right place. You no longer get enough energy and pleasure from your work. In this lecture of 45 minutes I present you a few models and insights that will put you on the right track. Topics: research from BlessingWhite, Adecco, SMART model designed by the Centre for Transformative Work Design Format: 45’ lecture

Employee advocacy LinkedIn. A cure to the tight labor market syndrome

When your employees share genuine knowledge on LinkedIn, they are killing two birds with one stone. They attract other profiles. No need for expensive campaigns. And: your employees build up a network and gain other insights. Knowledge sharing on LinkedIn is a card you should play in times of tight labour market. And I would be delighted to help you play that card right. Topics: the LinkedIn algorythm, digital storytelling, online community dynamics Format: a 1,5 hour workshop or a learning journey of 3 sessions.

Boost your personal branding. Make sure customers find you standing out on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
Learning track for self-employed consultants

Is it hard for you to stand out of the crowd in the overwhelming world of social media? Are you frustrated because your great offering isn't reaching your customers? Are you having doubts about your tone of voice and the content of your posts? Then I can definitely help you. Output: you will know which content blows your customers' minds, you will polish up your writing style, and you will find a good rhythm to keep it going. Topics: digital storytelling, social media algorithms Format: learning journey 3 x 1 hour session