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I provide you with the latest research, inspiration and skills to


Imagine a workplace where employees have grip on their time. Where teams can work productively focusing on value-adding missions.  

Imagine the magic

A workplace where meetings are moments of meaning, value creation and true connectedness. 

Imagine the magic

A workplace where employees refuse to be guided by the daily hustle and bustle.

A workplace where people are intentional about how they use their time and how they work together.

That junction where productivity and happiness at work come together,

that’s the magic I can make.

Join me in short lectures, intensive boot camps, transformation tracks and keynote speeches.

Short lectures

One hour lectures revealing irradiate sharp and refreshing insights

High-energy boot camps

High energy learning experiences taking 90 to 150 minutes

Motivating learning journeys

5- to 9-week learning tracks to achieve a long-lasting cultural change

Keynote speeches

Eye-opening and inspiring talks. A kick up the arse. 

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