Imagine a workplace free of silos, where people are encouraged to share their knowledge with others.

A place for intense connectedness of people and ideas, beyond all barriers.

Geographical and hierarchical.

Imagine the magic. 

The magic of a healthy workplace where employees deploy their talent and expertise.

Where employees have their own voice.

Imagine the increased efficiency, co-creation with customers, innovation, speed and growth.

That is the magic I want to make, the workplace I want to help shape. 


Let's make social
a true success

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Lead with social

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Why should I?

Doing Hybrid

How to become a community manager?

Join me in intensive boot camps, transformation tracks and keynote speeches and, in exchange, I will help you shape your social wings.

Boot camps

High energy learning experiences taking 90 to 150 minutes

Transformation tracks

5- to 9-week learning tracks to achieve a long-lasting cultural change

Keynote speeches

Eye-opening and inspiring talks. A kick up the arse!