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Muzzled by the corporate mask?

'I find it safer to post content on LinkedIn created by my own organisation.

Besides, who is interested in my knowledge?'

Giving training about LinkedIn. That is something I enjoy doing. In a first workshop of 1,5 hours I give my insights about @, #, the 3C model < consume - contribute - create > and the basics of storytelling.

That's the easy part.

But then the moment comes - in between the two workshops - that people have to jump into the water.

Some jump and are surprised by the positive energy they put into the world.

Others hesitate at the edge of the pool. And they get cold.


Getting people to post regularly on LinkedIn, at first glance, that seems like a pure skills training.

But it is not.

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear says the following about sustainable behavioural change:

sustainable behavioural change does not happen at the level of the outcome < I'm going to post twice a week >, nor at the level of processes < I'll schedule it in my calendar >, but at the level of identity.

A training course about posting on LinkedIn is : working on mindset and skills.

And this arises the question:

what kind of 'me' enjoys and is therefore sustainably present on LinkedIn?

I think:

1. those who like to share knowledge thus contributing to a community

< versus: 'why should I share what I just read in hte newspaper - others can read the newspaper too' >.

2. those who are permanently curious and eager to learn from other people's insights

<versus: 'after 5 o'clock I'm done working - anything that even smells like that, I block out>.

3. those who believe that when you share, you get a lot back

<versus: 'sharing knowledge makes me weaker' >.

These are people who do not want to hide themselves behind the corporate mask, the sterilised and clean image of the organisation.

What kind of person are you?

Do you hind behind the corporate mask?

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