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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

What are the first three words that pop op in your head when I say: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.



Information Overload?

Well I think that this is just one way of looking at social technologies.

A good participation in online communities is about

1. Mindfulness

Because before sharing your knowledge you take the time to reflect. The perfect antidote for the daily hustle bustle.

The opposite of distraction.

A good participation in online communities is also about

2. Building up a powerful network, a community that helps you answering your questions.

The opposite of isolation.

A good participation in online communities is also about

3. Information filtering.

Because the network is like a fishing net. A fishing net that catches relevant information and filters it.

The opposite of information overload.

That’s what I learn my participants in the learning track connect | share | lead.


with those people from whom you want to learn. And do it in a conscious and planned way.


  • knowledge, not just information

  • share knowlegde that comes from other people, not just your own knowledge for it’s a great way to build trust

  • your questions, show up as a vulnerable person

And then ultimately you will lead.

Because you have built up a powerful network.

Because you are more aware of your time, your knowledge and your talents.

Because people see you as a trustworhty person. Someone to follow.

Because you have become a lifelong learner.

As I said

First Connect

Then Share

Then Lead

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