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3 good reasons to return to the office

Are you pondering on which arguments to bring to the table to convince your employees to come back to the office?

I’ve done the homework for you.

1. Variety is the spice of life So, yes, you love your partner. And how delighted were you to, for maybe the first time, in March 2020, have a real coffee break together, in the garden, at around 11 in the morning?

But let’s be honest here! After all those hours having to bear each other’s faces, and the annoyance at the other, who turns out to have a loud voice (but, argh! You had never noticed that before!), you can now step into that car with utter joy. And hey presto, you’re off to the office.

Variety is the spice of life

2. Go print it! Your son and daughter are busy with the finishing touch to their final theses. And they have really, truly had enough of it, of that small amateuristic little home printer: it suffers from paper jams every 5 sheets and the ink seems to evaporate while you print so you’re ever rushing to buy yet another expensive cartridge. The solution? Why, the office of course! With its corridors populated with professional printers diligently spitting out copies of printed matter night and day.

I’m telling you, go back to the office! Your children will thank you. 3. The company canteen Did you also make a list of good intentions during the lockdown? Were you going to eat healthier? Were you going to cook yourself? Did you end up purchasing a shelf-load of cookery books? Let me guess: Ottolenghi-style? Low-carb? Intermittent fasting? Keto?

Are you not sick of so much healthiness? One address! The company canteen! You don’t know how much you’ve missed it! Queuing up with that sad little tray in your hands. Just like school dinners. Letting yourself be seduced by – go on, be a devil – fries! Just one more time. The greasy sauce that is wacked onto your plate. The full-calorie food that makes you and your bloated stomach roll back to your desks at around half past 1. Yes! Loving every minute of it!

I told you… Why don’t we all just go back to the office?

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