Ready for hybrid?

Organisations groan under their toxic meeting culture. All those hours spent behind the screen or in a meeting room, where does it all lead to?

In my book, I give a number of tips. Tips I found in Priya Parker's book, The Art of Gathering. But also by advocating more asynchronous collaboration.

Yesterday, during a conversation with a client, another idea came up: it is the lack of ownership and proactivity that causes this proliferation of meetings and mails.

The nail on the head.

Heigthened self-consciousness.

Readiness to define our high-value activities.

Asynchronous collaboration.

Proactivity in scheduling focustime.

Belief in an internal locus of control.

All of them are intertwined. All of them are critical success factors to move towards a world with more well-being, less distractions and more productivity.

Let’s set sail together to find that new, healthy balance.

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