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Doing Hybrid Right: better grip on time, connection and M&M's. 

Are you addicted to M&M's: meetings and mails?

Do you work late in the evening and in the weekends to get the important work done?

Do you have the impression the team cohesion deteriorated because of hybrid work? 

Does the increase in fast, ping-pong-style digital communication drive you crazy? 

Would you like to end the working days with a feeling of satisfaction? 

Then this transformative learning track is for you. 

Transformative learning track for hybrid leaders

  • 4 interactive workshops of 1,5 hour.

  • Self-reflection questionnaires, extra tips and concrete assignments. 

  • Spread over a period of 2 months. 


What's in it for you? Better grip x3

  1. Better grip on time: you are not addicted to your emailbox anymore, you spend more time creating value for customers, you end your working days at a normal hour. More self-discipline.

  2. Better grip on connection: you feel more connected to yourself, you have increased the connectedness within your team, with the organisation and your customers. 

  3. Better grip on M&M's: less meetings, better prepared meetings that strengthen team cohesion, more participative meetings because of better facilitation skills, less emails.

Approach: evidence based, scientifically proven insights, and advice taken from practice. 


We start from scientifically proven insights translated into practical advice,

insights that can be applied in daily reality.


Some of our sources of inspiration: 


  • Self-Determination Theory by Deci & Ryan (Autonomy – Belonging – Competence)

  • Research about purpose and meaning at work by Professor Michael F. Steger and Professor Ingo Hamm

  • Psychological Safety by Amy Edmonsson

  • Engagement insights by Blessing White

  • Dutch research by the Scientific Council for Government Policy: what is sustainable work? (2020)

  • The Karasek Model – finetuned by recent research by the SERV (December 2021)

  • Need for recovery time after work – research by Kiss et al.

We also use interviews conducted with managers during the past months. 

Interviews with managers working in different organisations: Robert Bosch Germany – Acerta – Bridgestone – Proximus – AON – AG Insurance – Rabobank – KPN – Umicore – Gruner + Jahr.


Direct advice taken from practice.

Discover what participants say


Luis Alberto: One of the best trainings in the past years, and I am never going to forget those high value activities.

A real added value for the future.

Lynsey Mortelmans: 

  • I now look critically at where I can create added value.

  • When communicating changes I now put the focus on the ‘why’ and the long term vision. This fosters connection.

  • I ensure a good mix of synchronous and asynchronous communication: people get control over when they carry out tasks.

  • Meetings become more interactive and more efficient.

  • I plan around 3 focus moments a week for my high-value activities: strategic tasks that otherwise are drowned by the urgent but less important tasks. 

  • I now check my emails in blocks.

Luc De Vits: 'I disconnect more frequently: short walks at noon, among others.

Kevin Moeyaert:

  • I learned how the magic mix of asynchronous and synchronous work can lead to a stronger team.

  • Tips and tricks on how to stop being constantly distracted by inferior tasks and focus on high value activities.

  • I got stonger in activating our meetings (prepare asynchronously + discuss/decide synchronously) and reduced them to an acceptable number.

Uniqueness of this learning track


  • A steady, rich and in-depth learning experience. 

  • Nice variety of learning formats: workshops + assignments + questionnaires. 

  • Grounded in scientifically proven insights translated into daily practice. 


Workshop 1     January 27        13.30 - 15.00 CET

Workshop 2    February 16       13.30 - 15.00 CET

Workshop 3    March 11            13.30 - 15.00 CET

Workshop 4    March 31            11.00 - 12.30 CET

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€990 for the 4 workshops + questionnaires + extra tips + assignments (21% VAT not included)

Who is this for?

  • Managers stuck in too many M&M's.

  • Managers who want to strengthen the team cohesion.

  • Managers who want to shape concretely hybrid ways of working. 

  • Anyone who is looking for greater fulfillment at work.

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